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Cease & Persist

Hello! This is where my fan art lives, amongst other odds and ends. I reblog a lot of other people's art, too.

Jul 11 '14

”Harry” would be a terrible name for you.
— All-new Marvel NOW! Point one #1

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Jul 10 '14

Original Sins #3"Uh, I hate to interrupt this little Y.A. tea party, but are you guys gonna let me talk or what? Geez. I thought you guys fought crime."

532 notes (via 5ummit)Tags: Noh-Varr asking the important questions wednesday spoilers Prodigy Hulkling Noh Varr Young Avengers Original Sins comics Teddy does not want to be a chair again thanks

Jul 6 '14

All-New X-Factor #10

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Jul 5 '14

120 notes Tags: Agent of Asgard fanart oops I made another one plus actual sizes I just really like making pixel menu type things???

Jul 5 '14



because i am not above butts

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Jul 2 '14

433 notes Tags: Sigurd Lorelei Loki Agent of Asgard fanart I like pixels and inventory screens and putting things into boxes _(:3 」∠)_ EDIT: I MISSPELLED PRESCRIPTION but it's fixed now I swear this is the universe's way of telling me to wear my glasses -_-

Jun 28 '14

Someone wanted America with #9


Someone wanted America with #9

141 notes (via adamwarlock & egg-noodle)Tags: America Chavez fan art gosh what a lovely style

Jun 22 '14

Pepper told them to go have fun, so they went to the park and got sad about their little brothers. Good job, you two.

84 notes Tags: Marvel Disk Wars Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers Hikaru Akatsuki Thor ngl I laughed a lot you poor boys

Jun 21 '14

Okami - Festival for the Gods


Okami - Festival for the Gods

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Jun 21 '14



tony issues tablets to all the avengers and thor sighing because this technology’s so fucking old he barely remembers how to use it anymore


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