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Cease & Persist

Hello! This is where my fan art lives, amongst other odds and ends. I reblog a lot of other people's art, too.

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Aug 30 '14

Avengers Assemble #17

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Aug 15 '14

sometimes it’s really hard not to hate this country.

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Aug 10 '14

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Jul 22 '14

The Wicked and The Divine #02

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Jul 17 '14

Ms Marvel #6

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Jul 17 '14

Ms. Marvel #6

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Jul 11 '14

”Harry” would be a terrible name for you.
— All-new Marvel NOW! Point one #1

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Jul 10 '14

Original Sins #3"Uh, I hate to interrupt this little Y.A. tea party, but are you guys gonna let me talk or what? Geez. I thought you guys fought crime."

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Jul 6 '14

All-New X-Factor #10

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Jun 5 '14




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