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Cease & Persist

Hello! This is where my fan art lives, amongst other odds and ends. I reblog a lot of other people's art, too.

Posts tagged fanart

Jul 5 '14

140 notes Tags: Agent of Asgard fanart oops I made another one plus actual sizes I just really like making pixel menu type things???

Jul 2 '14

518 notes Tags: Sigurd Lorelei Loki Agent of Asgard fanart I like pixels and inventory screens and putting things into boxes _(:3 」∠)_ EDIT: I MISSPELLED PRESCRIPTION but it's fixed now I swear this is the universe's way of telling me to wear my glasses -_-

May 19 '14

141 notes Tags: Loki Jane Foster Donald Blake fanart how many continuities can I cram into one medical drama the answer is three

May 7 '14

1,049 notes Tags: Odin fanart a comic about cheese wheels

Apr 5 '14
…this made so much more sense at 4am.


…this made so much more sense at 4am.

148 notes Tags: Balder and some inexplicably large Honduran white bats fanart

Mar 4 '14

1,233 notes Tags: Thor Loki Agent of Asgard God of Thunder fanart idk maybe they're comparing notes on convenient snow vs convenient steam

Feb 27 '14
A little pixel America, ready for a fight.

A little pixel America, ready for a fight.

340 notes Tags: America Chavez Young Avengers fanart gif those three tiny frames took way more effort than I thought they would :'D

Feb 10 '14

261 notes Tags: Loki Agent of Asgard fanart I tried to draw him with an insufferably smug grin but instead I got this passive whatever this is I'M A FAILURE A GIANT HACK

Feb 5 '14

468 notes Tags: Sleepy Hollow Abbie Mills Jenny Mills fanart crying about sisters and my inability to draw arms but mostly about sisters

Feb 1 '14

385 notes Tags: Frigga Odin fanart oops I drew more a little younger this time also Frigga's outfit is supposed to look outdoorsy but idk fashion is hard