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Hello! This is where my fan art lives, amongst other odds and ends. I reblog a lot of other people's art, too.

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Dec 24 '13



Some pretty artses I did for a recent comic convention! You may have seen this (in form of prints) from a couple of my Tumblr posts, so here are ALLLL of them. 

I had initially wanted to draw several of the X-Men in different seasons (I have Kitty Pryde slotted for Spring, and Jean Grey for Summer), and got stumped for a season that would best represent Ororo. When in doubt - ask the Internet - I posed the question to my Facebook fanpage followers. The answers were? Draw her in ALL the seasons XD

So here she is, Storm for all Seasons. I wanted to draw her for ages in an appropriately awesome setting because she is one awesome character - and I ended up splurging on four illustrations of her at once lol

I tried to insert some references of the weather in each seasons (rain for Spring, a summer thunderstorm in the Summer piece, wind for autumn etc).. nothing very out there but hopefully it’ll add something to the overall piece!

Thanks for viewing :) And should anyone want to own a piece (or four) - the prints are available at the following links: (A6 prints, full set) (A4 prints, full set) (A4 prints, singles)

My goodness, Hanie - they are even more beautiful than the smaller pictures led me to believe!!

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Jun 6 '12

Hey guys, remember all that talk about Loki being mind controlled?

And how maybe he wasn’t really that evil? And how there’s all this fan fiction going around where he ends up joining The Avengers and becomes a good guy and Thor finally gets his brother back?

Well, that all made perfect sense to me. Like, a lot. Which is actually crazy because I know Loki’s an evil, self-serving jerk. Besides, who in their right mind would let a former villain join their team?

And then I realised…



You have got to be kidding me.


Turns out, I wasn’t actually thinking about a reformed bad boy in golden armor and a green cape, I was thinking about a reformed bad boy in golden armor and green spandex


I also learned that the Green and Red Rangers were actually brothers in the original Sentai, which really isn’t helping. >:T

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