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Hello! This is where my fan art lives, amongst other odds and ends. I reblog a lot of other people's art, too.

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May 8 '14
kaimaciel replied to your post:
Are you from Timor?

Yep. Well, my family is. I’ve only been there once.

2 notes Tags: kaimaciel replies I want to go back so badly _(:3 」∠)_

May 8 '14
unofficiallyloki replied to your post:
What language is this?

It’s Tetun (sometimes spelled Tetum), spoken in East Timor.

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Nov 26 '13
ikolism replied to your post:
i hope she beats him up for how he treated her
I second that motion

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Jul 31 '13
byrontobuffy replied to your post: 
no poop is very exciting
One of my favourite subjects, tbh.

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Jul 31 '13
byrontobuffy replied to your post: 
i hope you feel better muffin that sounds horrible :( <3
Aw, thanks! I’m fine now, but it was all very exciting at the time. :’D

1 note Tags: byrontobuffy replies I need to find a better word than ''exciting'' to describe these things omg

Jul 31 '13
ms-splendiferous replied to your post: 
Honey? Are you okay?
Oh yes, I’m perfectly fine. A little wiser, even.

1 note Tags: ms-splendiferous replies if it smells funky DON'T EAT IT you'd think I'd know this by now but nope :'D

May 4 '13
Black Sif concept art? That sounds interesting! O: Any idea where can I find that?
Here you go. :)

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May 4 '13
captainlitebrite replied to your post:
yeah! i just meant in that it’d be taking the opportunity to play a poc character and giving it to a white actress, is all. i have faith that they’ll figure out something good, tho. :)
Oh yeah, totally! I got so lost in the tiny details that I forgot all the good points. :’D

1 note Tags: captainlitebrite replies psa: I am a big dumb

May 4 '13
Wow, I took a while to reply.

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May 3 '13
rabbitinthewoods replied to your post: 
Presumably one parent would be black and one white, or were you thinking of something else?
It’s just… I’m confused at how many people seem to think it’s impossible? That article basically said that if Johnny Storm were to be played by a black actor, then Sue had to be black as well, or they had to be half siblings or adopted for it to make sense. And… I don’t know. Having a black parent and a white parent would be the simplest explanation, yet people tend to ignore the possibility altogether. It just annoys me, is all.

6 notes Tags: rabbitinthewoods replies I'm taking it personally because my family is like a genetic lottery and it feels a wee bit invalidating just ignore me