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Hello! This is where my fan art lives, amongst other odds and ends. I reblog a lot of other people's art, too.

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Oct 12 '14
haku23 replied to your post:
I’m gonna cry oh my god that’s so fuckin’ scary I’m SO GLAD I don’t have a TV in my room rn hahaha you’re so much braver than me though like yo I’d be screaming so loud hahaha

omg Brave? I didn’t scream because I didn’t want it to hear me. Which actually doesn’t make any sense considering it was already staring right at me.

2 notes Tags: haku23 replies true story this is exactly why I will never have a tv in my room ever again :'D

Oct 12 '14
haku23 replied to your post:
"honey this is our dream home!" YOU LIVED IN A HORROR MOVIE. I’m almost afraid to ask you to tell any other scary stories because spooky but at the same time…if you have any you want to share haha

WeeEEEeeell… That tv my grandmother used to watch as I fell asleep used to scare the heck out of me. Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night and see a face in the screen just watching me lie there. Sometimes it felt like my grandmother was protecting me from that thing.

When she passed away, I got the hell out of there and moved all my stuff to another room. I didn’t tell anyone about the face because I was either scared or embarrassed, I guess. Point is, nobody knew. Which is why it was so freaky that the aunt we gave the tv to saw the exact same thing watching her in the dark, her description matching perfectly with what I saw as a kid. Only this time there were more faces, not in the tv, but standing in the room.

4 notes Tags: haku23 replies death mention // oh wait this didn't happen in the house of horrible hauntings eh we'll pretend we brought the face with us when we moved out

Oct 12 '14
haku23 replied to your post:
All I can think is the emoticon D: because oh my god

Oh gosh, if you only knew. That was probably the least scary thing that ever happened in that house. lol

1 note Tags: haku23 replies they were all DON'T BUILD YOUR HOUSE HERE and we were all WHAT'S THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN LMAO famous last words

May 8 '14
kaimaciel replied to your post:
Are you from Timor?

Yep. Well, my family is. I’ve only been there once.

2 notes Tags: kaimaciel replies I want to go back so badly _(:3 」∠)_

May 8 '14
unofficiallyloki replied to your post:
What language is this?

It’s Tetun (sometimes spelled Tetum), spoken in East Timor.

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Nov 26 '13
ikolism replied to your post:
i hope she beats him up for how he treated her
I second that motion

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Jul 31 '13
byrontobuffy replied to your post: 
no poop is very exciting
One of my favourite subjects, tbh.

Tags: byrontobuffy replies

Jul 31 '13
byrontobuffy replied to your post: 
i hope you feel better muffin that sounds horrible :( <3
Aw, thanks! I’m fine now, but it was all very exciting at the time. :’D

1 note Tags: byrontobuffy replies I need to find a better word than ''exciting'' to describe these things omg

Jul 31 '13
ms-splendiferous replied to your post: 
Honey? Are you okay?
Oh yes, I’m perfectly fine. A little wiser, even.

1 note Tags: ms-splendiferous replies if it smells funky DON'T EAT IT you'd think I'd know this by now but nope :'D

May 4 '13
Black Sif concept art? That sounds interesting! O: Any idea where can I find that?
Here you go. :)

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